Here we are again! How can we help our kiddos have a good school year!

Hi Parents!

Last fall I wrote this blog about how we can help our kids plan for a successful school year.   I hope these thoughts are helpful as we assist our children/teens in setting new goals for the upcoming school year.

Here is a great site that can be a resource for parents and children.  Feel free to email me question about any of the content.

As you saw in my above link, I believe helping children identify what they’d like to change from last year is helpful in increasing their insight into their educational patterns.  Many students “start off strong” and then fall behind.  Let’s talk about that with our kids/teens and plan for a different outcome.  It’s often not just the student that drops off in their focus.  We as parents can do the same thing.   Think about it…school starts and we implement all kinds of helpful ideas to keep our kiddos accountable and focused.  A set homework schedule, limits on screen time (go here for screen time thoughts), rewards and consequences…all to help our children and teens stay focused on their schooling.

Then what happens?  Our kids are doing fine, the programs we’ve implemented are working and then boom, we become less vigilant as parents in keeping our kids accountable.   A month of that and our kids are behind.

I’ll be posting more ideas on programs that work for school.  For now let’s talk with our kids about what worked last year and what didn’t.  Let’s help them schedule their study and play time.  Limit screen time to an amount that makes sense!

Here we go parents…summers over and it’s time to help our kids focus on their academics!


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I welcome any feedback or suggestions.  I’ll still be blogging here my ideas on Children and Families.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

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