Where to find help for the recent mass shooting in Colorado

Hello readers and clients,

I’ve received many calls asking for the best way to find help for the recent tragic shooting here in Colorado.  There are many mental health professionals who have volunteered their services during as we grieve together about what happened at the movie theater in Aurora.

If you or a loved one is seeking help and you do not have a current therapist, there are many options open to those in need.  I can be contacted though my website’s email: bill@strongsolutions.com.

Here are some organizations who are mobilized to provide assistance:

Aurora Mental Health Center:  303-617-2300

Children’s Hospital Colorado: Children’s Hospital has opened a family support line: 720-777-2300

GivingFirst.Org: is an online site for the Community First Foundations.  They are assisting those who are wanting to provide help for those effected by this tragedy.

There is help out there.  Please contact one of the above should there be a need.

A special thanks to:

Aurora Mental Health Center

Arapahoe/Douglass Mental Health Network

Mental Health America of Colorado

Bonfils Blood Center Foundation Thanks to all of you who have donated blood.  There is still a need, so please contact Bonfils if you are able.

Metro Crisis Services Inc.

Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

Denver Center for Crime Victims

Thanks to all of you who have donated your time and services during this time of need.  There are many ways to help and our community’s response shows that we band together for health and healing.

Bill Strong, LCSW


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