Mass Shooting in Colorado Information, Crisis Help

We mental health professionals are busy this morning as we respond to the horrific mass shooting at the movie theater last night.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.  Indeed all of us are effected by this senseless act of violence.  Many of us are involved in a crisis response.  It’s so sad to be doing this once again, years after Columbine.

Here is some information that may be of help as we deal with this crisis.

Aurora Medical Center released the  following number of 303-873-5292 for victims, families and friends to call to find out more information on the status of patients .

The Aurora Police Department has  set up a tipline at 303-739-1862.

Bonfils Blood Center to donate blood to help the victims. Their contact information is on their website here They mostly need O negative, A negative and platelet donors.

All of us will being doing out best to help.  Make sure you are around those who can support you during this difficult time.

Aurora police are asking that people stay away from the crime area.

Feel free to contact me, or any other mental health professional that you know if should you need some additional support.

William Strong, LCSW


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