More Ideas on Rewards!!!

I have received several emails asking for more ideas for rewards.  To read more about the power of rewarding your child…and the importance of having a balance between rewards and consequences, please go here:  William Strong Denver Therapist for Children.

As I pointed out in the above link, it seems that it’s very common for a parent to be really good at rewarding their child, or really good at giving consequences.  I’m pretty sure that this has to do with how we were parented ourselves…which are you?  Good at rewards, or consequences (congrats if you’re skilled at both!).

It seems as though I get parent a lot of questions asking for ideas for rewards/consequences…which is good because they are both so powerful in directing our children.

So, here’s one…let’s use “Cool Cash” as a reward!  I like this idea because it gives an immediate reward, that can be cashed in quickly, or saved for “big” items.

And as I pointed out in this post (Bill Strong Denver Counseling on Behavior Modification), it’s important for a reward system to be simple,  easy and understood by all.   This plan is pretty simple.  Modify it as you see fit.

Basically “Cool Cash” is play money given out as a reward, for anything you want to encourage.  A clean room, listening the first time, helping on the first request…you name it.  Give the cool cash out easily and with a smile!

The child saves the “Cool Cash” and can then spend it on big or small things.  Be creative.  Go buy a bunch of little things that your child will like (I don’t use candy)…trinkets, stickers…balls etc.  For older kids, use things that they like, neat pens, movie tickets etc.  The child then can spend his/her Cool Cash on small things like the above, or save it for bigger things (A dinner out, Lazer Tag, Dave and Busters, Rockies Games, a friend Sleeping Over…etc).

Again be creative in your rewards.  There is no right or wrong in rewards as long as it’s meaningful, fun and followed up on when earned.

William Strong

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