Now that school is back in session…what needs to be different from last year?

Hi Parents!

Well most of our kids are well into the beginning of this school year.  It comes up fast as we see summer quickly disappear.

What are your child’s goals for this school year? What from last year would you and your child like to see replicated, and what needs to change?  How were his/her grades really?  It’s always a bit surprising to hear very different perspectives on grades.  Does your child feel proud of her/his grades, or do they need need to improve (from your child’s perspective, or in other words; Do grades matter to your child how does your child feel he/she did last year)?

These can become very difficult topics to discuss.  Our children can become defensive as they feel they are being criticized.  We can become frustrated when we feel like we care more than our child/teen about their schooling and grades.

I’ll be writing more about this in recent weeks.  It’s very important that you and your child/teen be on the same page about school…what’s the plan for homework, what are acceptable grades, when is it time to relax and play, and what are the rewards for hard work?

Also, are there some issues, behaviorally/emotionally, or with regard to learning styles (or learning challenges) that need to be assessed and address by a professional?

What we do know is that history repeats itself unless there is a plan and effort for change.  Let’s make sure that happens if school didn’t go well last year.  As a parent you may need to set some boundaries that differ from last year.  To read more on setting boundaries, please go here:  William Strong Denver Therapist on Boundaries.

So…let’s start small.  Let’s sit down and have our own “Back-to-School Night” with our children and discuss last year/this year.  Try and make it fun (or tolerable is probably a more realistic goal)…have pizza and prizes (best answer, silliest story about school, most realistic goal etc).  Make talking about school productive and an “okay” thing to do.

Plan this with your spouse, or yourself if you’re a single parent, with the goal that the meeting go well and is relaxed.  It will be the start of a great school year you all work together and the child feels involved and invested!

William Strong

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