3 Family Rules that work!

I’ve recently received an email asking about the “3 Family Rules” that I ask parents to establish at their home.  Parents sometimes forget that they are in charge of their family’s “culture”.  These 3 rules go a long way in encouraging a culture which promotes love, hard work, and honesty.

I’ll write more on this in the future, but for now I’ll just post the rules. You’ll see that these are very broad standards of behavior that cover just about all things (that is by design).  Please post these rules on your refrigerator and see that they are followed!

The 3 Family Rules

1.  We are Kind To Each Other

2. We All Do Our Jobs

3. We Are Honest and are Always Where We Say We Are

Please give some these rules some thoughts.  “We are Kind” covers very many family interactions.  Name calling, hitting, teasing are all covered here.

I’ll write more later…but for now please think about how these rules can help your family.  And yes, we all need to follow our family rules.  Not just the kids.

William Strong

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